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Personalized Beach Towels Instructions

Personalized Beach Towels Instructions
  1. Using your favorite word processing software, type in the child's name.
    Change the font to a bold and simple typeface (I used IMPACT) then increase the font size to 400.
    Print out the child's name. The letters will be about 3.5 - 4.5" high. If they aren't fiddle around with the font until you get something you like!
  2. Trace the letters onto the paper backing of steam-a-seam from the reverse side - if you don't the fabric letters will be in mirror image.
    Use a ruler to help you get nice straight lines.
  3. Iron the letters onto the reverse side of the fabric ... for a livelier towel you can use several co-ordinates!
  4. Remove the paper backing from the letters and carefully arrange them on the towel being mindful of spacing and keeping them in a straight line. I used my 6 x 24" ruler as a guide.
    Iron in place.
  5. Using thread that co-ordinates with the towel zig zag around all the raw edges of the letters.
    Voila - you are done - have fun at the beach!


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